Next Coalition meeting Monday 28th July

Avon Coalition Against Big Biofuels will be meeting on Monday 28th July at the premises of: Kebele Community Co-operative, Library (upstairs), 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY (map below). Arrive from 6pm for a 6.30pm start to finish by 8.30pm.

The meeting will be focused to bring new people up to speed on the campaign and go through the list of jobs and roles that the campaign needs help with.

Please let us know if you can make it. Contact Avelaine Lamour (website) for more information.

Air Quality Monitoring in the Avonmouth Petition on Bristol Council website

There is a petition on the Bristol City Council website calling for continuous air quality monitoring in the Avonmouth area, for the data to be made publically available, and for this to be analysed in time for Green Capital 2015. Please share with everyone you know in Bristol. Sign the petition using the following link.

Semi naked Anti Biomess protesters Occupy Avonmouth Port site

Eleven activists from Bristol Rising Tide breached Port security at 9.50am on May 20th to stage a protest photo on the proposed Helius biomass site.

The group, who were sporting biohazard suits, dust masks and body paint scaled the nine foot fence next to the train station with ladders, and after spelling out No Biomess with their torsos were met by a number of port authority police who escorted them out under threat of arrest for breach of by-laws.

A press release has been sent out explaining that this is “a friendly shot across the bows to warn investors and the Port Authority that they should expect expensive and embarrassing resistance if they press ahead with plans for Industrial scale Biomass power stations in the area.”

See the photos here

The Press Release here

And the article in the Bristol Post here

Shirehampton Public Meeting June 9th

Public Meeting – Monday 9th June, 7-8.30pm, Shirehampton Mens Social Club, High Street, BS11 0DG.

A Biomass Power Station burning wood pellets is planned for Avonmouth. What impact might its hazardous dust have on you and your family?

Join us for the South West Premier of the acclaimed new film – Biomass: Emergency. Followed by a question and answer session with a panel of experts.

Event on June 20th during Bristol Big Green Week

The Avon Coalition against BIG Biofuels will be holding an open event at Hamilton House from 7-8pm on June 20th titled ‘What’s wrong with Big Biomass at Avonmouth’, as part of Bristol Big Green Week.

Event info:
Two big, industrial scale, biofuel power stations are planned for Avonmouth near Bristol, one burning imported wood, the other palm oil. Bristol is in a unique position to stall this emerging industry which exacerbates global warming, reduces biodiversity and is a danger to health.

Come and learn how Industrial scale bioenergy differs from some of the good work being done with waste wood in the area, and how it threatens the very forests that may mitigate against rising carbon.

Bristol Big Green Week event listing –

We are being heard: Mayor writes to the Chancellor

Great news – our campaign has stirred Bristol’s Mayor into action and he has written a determined letter to  Chancellor George Osborne asking him to reconsider Treasury support for biofuel power stations at Avonmouth.  Read it here (opens in a new window).

The Bristol Post also picked up the issue and published a story titled “Bristol mayor George Ferguson to write to Government against biomass“ (opens in a new window).

The job is not over and we must keep up the pressure. So now we need more help by asking YOU to email the Treasury, your MP and the Energy Minister.

Please use the template letters at the bottom of our What you can do web-page.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Thank you.

Mass Bike Ride on April 12th a success!

On 12 April, a group of 100 cyclists traveled from Bristol to Avonmouth to protest against the facilities: Helius Energy’s £300 million (€363.5 million) plant in Avonmouth and W4B Bristol’s palm oil biofuel plant, claiming the projects are ‘green scams’ which will harm the environment and affect air quality in Avonmouth.

See the Bristol Post article here

See the photos here

Lobby your MP and Local Councillor

We urgently need to apply pressure on the Government, in particular the Treasury, to stop them subsidising biofuel burning power stations.

Bike ride poster
We have created two new template letters for you to download, tailor and send to your MP and local councillor.

Please note letters are much more effective if they are in your own words (or at least don’t appear to be the same “form letter”) so please take some time to personalise them… so you could even write by hand if you like :-)

You can download the letters from our What You Can Do page.

Protest at Helius AGM – 28th March

On March 28th Duncan Law from Biofuelwatch attended the Helius AGM in London to put the case against biomass in general and at Avonmouth in particular.

This film presents the issues.

We Questioned the Mayor

On Tuesday 25th March we attended the Mayor George Ferguson’s Public Question Time and asked him to support our campaign by writing to chancellor George Osborne and Geoffery Spence of Infrastructure UK to say that they should not guarantee investors in the power-stations proposed by Helios and W4B at Avonmouth.

His response was overwhelmingly supportive:

I think this is an appalling idea that biomass boilers which under the European directive are categorized as renewables and therefore environmentally friendly  and therefore receive subsidy, ignores the fact that they exploit the third world…

To my mind when considering the environment we should be considering it on a global basis, not just the local effect. So I have no love for that, any more than I have a love for nuclear power down wind of Bristol, or fracking within the Bristol boundary…

I will deliver that message, I will deliver it very strongly

You can read a full transcript of his response here (pdf, 417kB).

You can view his response in full in the recording of the Mayor’s Question Time on the Bristol Council website - we were Quesion 8, at time 00:28:10 – you can jump directly to it by clicking on “00:28:10 Q8 – Power Stations” in the Timeline panel on the right of the film clip.