Information about the Campaigns

  • The Campaign so far against Helius’s plans is recorded here
  • The campaign in 2009/10 against the W4B’s plans for a palm oil powerstation at Avonmouth which resulted in Bristol City Council refusing planning permission (overturned by the Planning Inspector and the Secretary of State) is summarised here
  • For a quick introduction to Helius Energy’s plans for Avonmouth see a 2 page briefing document here
  • The Helius planning application is here with maps, plans and drawings. The full planning documents are here including the Environmental Statement.
  • Helius Energy plc’s website has the usual spin about how much carbon they will save and how they ensure security of supply. It also has investor relations pages with key shareholders, advisors, brokers, PR people

Information about the UK Guarantee Scheme which is subsidising Helius Energy

  • For background see here
  • If you live in Bristol take part in FOE’s email alert to Bristol MPs asking them to put political pressure on the treasury not to back biomass.

National & International Organisations

  • Biofuelwatch works to raise awareness of the negative impacts of industrial biofuels and bioenergy on biodiversity, human rights, food sovereignty and climate change. Based in UK and US, Biofuelwatch works with national and international partners to expose and oppose the social and environmental damages resulting from bioenergy-driven increased demand for industrial agriculture and forestry monocultures.

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