Event on June 20th during Bristol Big Green Week

The Avon Coalition against BIG Biofuels will be holding an open event at Hamilton House from 7-8pm on June 20th titled ‘What’s wrong with Big Biomass at Avonmouth’, as part of Bristol Big Green Week.

Event info:
Two big, industrial scale, biofuel power stations are planned for Avonmouth near Bristol, one burning imported wood, the other palm oil. Bristol is in a unique position to stall this emerging industry which exacerbates global warming, reduces biodiversity and is a danger to health.

Come and learn how Industrial scale bioenergy differs from some of the good work being done with waste wood in the area, and how it threatens the very forests that may mitigate against rising carbon.

Bristol Big Green Week event listing – http://biggreenweek.com/session/whats-wrong-with-big-biomass-at-avonmouth/

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