The Issues

Biofuels burnt to generate electricity on an industrial scale do more harm than good. They:

  • contribute to climate change by emitting green-house gases
  • damage ecosystems that are the life-support systems of the planet
  • displace people from land that is used to grow the fuel
  • are harmful to health.

BIOFUEL(S) is the generic term for fuels derived from growing or recently growing plants. It includes:

  • solid fuels such as wood, straw, grasses, and waste which are generally known as BIOMASS
  • liquid fuels, bio-oils, such as palm oil, and ethanol (a product of fermentation) which are generally called BIOFUELS.

This campaign is opposing the development at Avonmouth near Bristol of 2 planned power stations that propose to use both Biomass and Biofuels on a large scale.

For more specific information on why Big Biofuels are bad see the following pages on our site:

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