The Power Stations

This campaign is opposing the development of 2 power stations at Avonmouth that propose to use both Biomass and Biofuels on an industrial scale.

Since these stations both have planning permission our approach is to undermine their ability to raise the money they need to build them.

Helius 100MW Biomass Power Station

Helius Energy plc is planning to build a 100 MW biomass power station that will consume 850,000 tonnes of fuel per year.

Most of this wood will be imported.  This will accelerate deforestation and cause biodiversity loss overseas, where it is highly likely that humans will be displaced and animals, such as Orangutans, will die as a result.

Locally, people of Avonmouth and the surrounding area will suffer the health effects of both combustion emissions and wood dust, which the World Health Organisation has identified as a cancer causing agent as bad as asbestos.

And on top of that, burning this wood to generate electricity at an efficiency of only about 30% (i.e. 70% of the useful energy in the wood is wasted as heat) will lead to higher emissions of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) per unit of electricity than would be produced by a similarly sized coal fired power station.

Read more about the planned Helius power station here.


W4B 50MW Biofuel (Palm-oil) Power Station

W4B (Bristol) Ltd has planning permission to build a 50MW diesel engine power station that will burn 90,000 tonnes of palm oil each year.

Palm-oil is grown as a mono-culture in vast plantations that are typically created by clear-cutting virgin rainforest, destroying the way of life of indigenous people and killing the wildlife – this is an environmental catastrophe in its own right.

Read more about the planned W4B power station here.


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